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You can find more information in the "FAQ" and "Terms & Conditons". 1st day of subscription is Free. After: 1263 so’m UZS per day.


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Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and definitions

"SUBSCRIBER" - a person who has entered into an agreement with the OPERATOR for the provision of mobile communication services.

"OPERATOR" - LLC "COSCOM" (tm "Ucell"), providing its network for transmission or reception of information specified by the Subscriber, based on a public offer accepted by the Subscriber.

"SMS" (ShortMessageService) - a service provided by the OPERATOR to SUBSCRIBERS, allowing the latter to send and receive short text messages.

"NETWORK" - a set of technical means (switching and radio equipment, subscriber devices, connecting lines, structures, etc.) of the OPERATOR, with the help of which the SUBSCRIBER is provided with communication services on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

"SUBSCRIBER DEVICE" - the SUBSCRIBER's terminal equipment connected to the NETWORK, through which the information specified by the SUBSCRIBER is transmitted or received via communication channels.

"SERVICE NUMBER" - a short number allocated by the OPERATOR to the CONTENT PROVIDER for the provision of CONTENT SERVICES to the SUBSCRIBER.

"USER" - a Subscriber who purchases the services of the Content Provider, who has accepted the terms of this agreement by confirming his consent by sending a short message, or who has confirmed his acceptance of the terms of the agreement by pressing the confirmation key, at his own request, for a fee, uses and receives non-material services provided Content provider.

"CONTENT PROVIDER" - LLC "SDS Carrier Solutions", which has a contractual relationship with the Operator and provides services for Subscribers on the basis of an agreement with the Operator

"CONTENT SERVICE" - reference, entertainment and / or other information, melodies, pictures, videos, games, participation in polls, contests and similar events provided by the CONTENT PROVIDER to the SUBSCRIBER at the request of the latter.

"REQUEST" - a command made by the SUBSCRIBER by sending SMS, USSD, IVR voice service to the SERVICE NUMBER from the SUBSCRIBER DEVICE and / or by calling the SERVICE NUMBER from the SUBSCRIBER DEVICE, containing the command to interact with the COMPLEX to gain access to the COLLECTOR.

"SUBSCRIPTION" - providing the Subscriber with access to the service for a set fee within a certain period.

2. Acceptance (by performing the actions specified below) of this Offer means the Subscriber's consent to receive the Access Service.

3. Description of the service

Fluent Worlds is a service available in the AppStore and Play store that allows users to learn English in a 3D game. The service will open an opportunity for Ucell subscribers to get access to the product by subscription with a small amount paid by the balance of the mobile phone. The service will operate on a daily subscription, and users who subscribe to the service will have access to the premium version of the product with daily payment. If the daily payment / debiting is not executed, the user's access to the service will be closed until the next successful payment.

By connecting the Service, the Subscriber accepts this User Agreement for the provision of the Access Service, as well as that he confirms his acquaintance and agreement with the Rules for the provision of the Access Service.

4. Service cost

The cost of the Access Service for the Subscriber is 1263 soums per day (including VAT).

The cost of the Access Service is charged from the Subscriber at the time of acceptance of this User Agreement on the provision of access services to the service, and in the future, Internet Traffic used by the Subscriber when viewing / downloading content on the portal is paid separately according to the Subscriber's tariff plan.

To deactivate the service, you need to send a free SMS with the word "STOPFW" to the service number 5868.

If the Subscriber does not receive a refusal from the Service, the term for the provision of the Service is automatically extended each time by 1 day until the Subscriber independently disconnects the Access from the Service.

5. Contact information

Our customer care is open: Monday - Saturday 09:00 to 18:00

+998 (71) 200-05-20



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